Welcome to The Barn – Individual Retreats – Online only


Sometimes we need some space to rest and reflect, free from pressure.

And sometimes we need more.

Starting with a session in which we explore your needs and make a plan, and proceeding at your own pace, we spend time with you, listening and helping you make sense of things that are happening in your life.

Our online retreats are tailored to suit you: from only a few elements or up to a truly intensive full programme which may include counselling, meditation, relaxation, visualisation, emotional release and healing, developing your thinking skills, exploring creativity, even looking at your future differently…

We’re offering two possibilities:

  • On-line sessions, 60-90 minutes. Each session £20-70. You choose how much to pay. The highest amount enables us to reach more people with what we offer.
  • On-line retreats, which are a focused number of sessions (6 to 10) over 3-5 days or, flexibly, up to two weeks. Each session will be 60-90 minutes, maximum 2 per day, with exercises for you to do between sessions, ongoing communication with us during those days, and a short meditation in the evenings. Charged per session (as above), and the short meditation is included.

If interested, please use the form or email us. We reply in 24 hours in weekdays.

We would also be happy to have a chat to explore whether you would benefit from a session or a full online retreat.


We are adding reviews for the online retreats, and you may also want to see the reviews for the “in our house” retreats that we used to run.

For more information or to make a booking please contact us: on 07969 269 983, or email TheBarnRetreats@gmail.com, or use the enquiry form below. (Note: if you use the form, please double-check your email and your (optional) phone number, to make sure we will be able to contact you as soon as possible. Thanks!)

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