Online Retreats – Reviews

For the reviews from the “at our house” retreats, please see here.

“I did an online retreat with Sarah and Lucas over the space of a week and a half.

Sarah and Lucas always met me with kindness, warmth and acceptance. Their way of working is flexible and was very focused around my individual wants and needs and my schedule. I loved exploring the creativity that was part of the exercises I did during the retreat. I would go off and work on this by myself and send photos back to them to discuss at the next session.

A session on Thinking Strategies with Lucas was interesting and insightful.

A PTSD session with Sarah allowed me to properly process memories of a traumatic relationship, memories that had been clouding over everything for me over the last five years. I had not been able to process these with my person-centred counsellor who I’d been speaking to regularly for two years, because talking about it made me feel worse, not better. Sarah got me into a relaxed state and the practice involved looking at myself looking at the memories. Immediately after the session, I could feel that something had shifted in me. I feel as if I have moved beyond these memories and that they will not affect me as much as they have in the past. For that, I am very grateful.
I highly recommend doing an online retreat with Sarah and Lucas – I very much doubt you will regret it!”

“Sarah and Lucas hosted a 3 day retreat online for me and what a wonderful, transformational experience. I felt instantly comfortable and supported by them from the moment we started to chat [using online video], and throughout the 3 days it was a great comfort to know Sarah and Lucas were available anytime to talk or support as I needed.

I really enjoyed the mix of the online sessions which included helpful activities, and also the time I had myself to reflect and explore different aspects of my thoughts and emotions. It was quite amazing how I felt my energy shifting even although we were far apart. The sessions were fun, interactive and thought provoking.

During this time of uncertainty I can’t thank Sarah and Lucas for hosting a special space for me to connect to myself again and refocus my energy. Thank you so much xx”

(More reviews soon.)

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