“Thank you for treating me with such kindness and understanding at your unique retreat. It was excellent for me to retreat from ‘civilisation’ […]. It has been awakening, energising, restful, interesting and freeing…”

“I spent a delightful week on retreat with Sarah and Lucas, who made me extremely welcome and took good care of me throughout. The house itself has a calming atmosphere.”

“What makes the place special is Sarah’s empathic and open-heartedness to all who come. And her ability to know really well how a person feels […] and always I find a new insight.”

“It has been an adventure in self discovery and personal development. I’ve done lots of work yet felt no strain, only huge gain. I’m in awe of the whole experience. I keep catching myself thinking and exclaiming … Wow!”

“My deepest gratitude for holding space where I could be authentic, dig deep and find stillness and radiance.”

“A wonderful place and two lovely interesting people. I felt so well looked after, and safe enough to take some more steps in my journey!”

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be able to take refuge here.”

“Thank you so much. I have had a wonderful time here. I have enjoyed your company, wisdom and help. I feel relaxed and more me again and have learned some important stuff.”

“I traveled here, carrying a heavy stone of impenetrable darkness. Sarah and Lucas welcomed me off the train, an exhausted lost soul! They cared for me, laughed with me, let me cry, and guided me towards a new (yet old) light. They showed me how to love again.”

“I came to you with a heavy heart and deep sadness. I do feel so much lighter, thanks to your loving healings and massage, also for the lovely conversations.”

“It’s been a wonderful relaxing week. Each day the pressures of city life […] ebbed away. I feel spiritually restored & rejuvenated. Thank you.”

“Sarah is a great person, a friend, a counselor, a mother… and helps so many people who come here to find themselves. […] This is a place of gentle, natural transformations, a space away from the madness of everyday life where I find peace, inspiration, hope, love & most importantly a sense of who we are.”


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